Wear shorts in your Video Conference

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With traditional video conferencing a person goes to a specific room in a building and sits behind an expensive desk or in a row of chairs. Business conferences require appropriate attire as you are sitting with others, or are walking through an office or hotel to access the room. The new generation of desktop video conferencing services allow you to take video calls from your home. All you need to be concerned about is waist-up attire as that is what shows on camera. You can wear shorts and flip-flops, or nothing at all below the waist!

Desktop video conferencing involves using your computer and a webcam from any location with broadband Internet access. Participants can only see you mid-chest and up, and they would have no idea that you are wearing shorts. Just don’t stand up during your video conference!

The quality of the webcam will have a direct impact on the quality of the picture you present. Built-in laptop cameras and after market $50+ webcams provide acceptable performance. If you purchase an external webcam it is recommended that it contain a built-in microphone so you are looking and talking into the same device.

It is important to have good light on your face. Having a desk lamp in front of you greatly improves the picture quality. Definitely do not place a light source behind you as it will make you look washed-out. Similar to taking photographs outside, you want the sun shining in the person’s face and not behind them creating shadows.

Your background is especially important on video conferences from home. Be mindful of what is behind you when sitting in front of your webcam. Your vintage 1976 Farrah Fawcett poster may be your pride and joy but probably isn’t what you want your business colleagues to see. A plain wall, bookcase, or simple artwork will all work and won’t distract the audience from paying attention to you.

New desktop video conferencing services also allow your voice to be transmitted through the microphone on your computer. For best results sit no more than two feet from the microphone and speak directly into it. When not speaking you should place your computer on mute. This helps cut down on any background noise and helps avoid those awkward times when your dog barks!

Headphones are another great tool for use on video conferences on your computer. The earphones block outside noise, and having the microphone in front of your mouth provides great audio performance for the other participants on the call. These headphones can be purchased for less than $30 at a wide variety of retailers or at your favorite online store.

By implementing these techniques a business person can conduct professional business meetings over video conferences while wearing their shorts. Service plans start under $40/month for unlimited usage. Every business person can now use desktop video conferencing to project the first class image of a global company without breaking the bank on the cost of the technology.

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