Why You Should Video Call Your Customers and How To Do It

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Seeing your customers face-to-face is the best method to build relationships, sell your ideas and proposals, and negotiate deals. Unfortunately distance can make in-person meetings expensive, time consuming, and more infrequent than you would like. Video conferencing addressing these issues, but these systems can be expensive to purchase, expensive to rent ($150+/hr), and require the parties to be in physical rooms that have equipment. A great solution is making video calls right from your computer to get the face-to-face benefit without the travel.

Why see your customers face-to-face?

  • Up to 90% of the meaning transmitted in face-to-face communication is nonverbal.

  • Audio calls make it easy for your customers to put you on mute. With video you can see them.

  • Audio calls don’t show you if your customer is paying attention and you can’t see their reaction.

  • Video calls allow you to see your customer while going over proposals and documents.

  • Face-to-face video calls can provide a competitive advantage for you versus your competitors.

  • More face-to-face communication can improve your personal relationship with your customer.

  • You have to see ’em to sell ’em (click this link for a great blog on selling with video).

How to make video calls from your computer

A free method to make video calls from your computer is to use Instant Messaging systems or Skype. These are great for calling family members anywhere in the world. These services work well, and what’s not to like about free? Well, there are some limitations to the free services:

  • These services only work for 2-person video calls. You can’t add a third person with live video.

  • Each person must download and use the same software application.

  • Calls are not scheduled so you have to call or email your customer first to arrange a meeting.

  • There is no historical tracking of the video calls.

  • No support is provided. If you have webcam troubles there is no one to call.

These limitations may be acceptable for personal use. However for professional business use these limitations can be show stoppers. Imagine trying to close a sale with a customer on Google Talk, your customer having difficulties with their webcam, and you have no way of getting technical support.

vonei web conferencing

For a professional image there are computer based video conferencing services like Vonei Meeting that are built for business users. For less than $40/month you have an unlimited usage, business quality video calling experience. Vonei (http://www.vonei.com) resolves limitations of the free services:

  • There is no software to load. Users simply go through their browser to a website.

  • Multiple participants can attend. Perfect for those calls when you need to bring in a sales engineer or have multiple people from the customer’s office in the meeting.

  • Video conferences are scheduled in advance and invitations are sent to all participants.

  • A historical record is kept of all video meetings.

  • Document sharing is available in the meeting service; no need to refer to email attachments.

  • Technical support is available to help with any issue, and to provide demos.

Lastly one must have the equipment on your computer to have a video call; a webcam and a headset. While this equipment is plug-n-play, there can still be questions on how to use it and how to get it to work with the video service. This is where the support provided by the paid service companies such as Vonei provides great value.

Would you like a free demo of Vonei Meeting? Send an email to sales@vonei.com and request your demo and free trial account today.

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