Improving the Pre-Screen Process

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With thousands of applicants applying to organizations with job opportunities, it is very important for the organization to efficiently process and schedule the applicants to pre-screen. If you have a low volume of open positions, the recruiter can simply go through applications and proactively schedule a pre-screen by contacting the candidates. However if you are an organization with many positions to fill, this can be a very time consuming and expensive task. Wouldn’t it be great if the applicants could pick an open appointment time to talk to one of your recruiting specialists? We just found a great tool for simplifying the process:

CheckAppointments allows a firm or recruiter to specify job openings, available interviewers, and interview dates and time slots. The applicants can then go online and pick the appropriate interview slot for them. The applicants do the scheduling work, and the recruiter can simply look at their completed pre-screen schedule. The recruiter can then hold a video interview with the applicants directly from their computer utilizing a video interviewing service such as Vonei. Without leaving the desk, a recruiter can quickly and easily pre-screen candidates with minimal effort.

A great example of an application for using this process is an amusement park which is staffing for the summer season. Positions abound in various areas of the park including Grounds, Food Services, Accommodations, Operations, and Games. Thousands of job applicants want to apply. With an appointment scheduling service all you have to do is fill in the blanks on interviewers, positions, days, and time slots, and then make the jobs known to the community. You can even embed the appointment service within your website with your logo. Applicants can schedule themselves according to the rules you established. Confirming emails can go to the applicants, and you will have a nice, coordinated schedule of people and times. Establish a video interviewing session and you will be able to see and talk to your candidates live without leaving your chair.

Time is money, and the faster you can get through the weeding out process the better. Using online services to both schedule appointments, and conduct the interviews, is a great way to complete the process quickly and efficiently. But how about the cost of these tools? CheckAppointments has an entirely free service for a single recruiter with a single location. And for a team of recruiters with multiple locations a premium plan is available for only $19.95/month. Vonei has an unlimited usage annual service plan for $99. If these tools save just 1 day of productivity they pay for themselves for an entire year.

Of course amusement parks are not the only application for this process. How about career fair days held by colleges or Chamber of Commerce organizations? An efficient scheduling and interviewing process is an aid any time there are many job candidates to pre-screen. Isn’t it time you tried it?

Alan Fitzpatrick is a co-founder of Vonei LLC, home of the $99/year video interviewing service. Additional information can be found at is a service of Addy Systems LLC. Additional information can be found at

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